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    Product Development Committee

    Committee Director: Debra Lilley (UKOUG)

    The PDC was created to home the Fusion Channel but has a wider remit to include all User Group efforts to influence product development within Oracle. If you have any questions or comments please contact IOUC PDC

    Current PDC Initiatives

    Applications Planning Tool: Oracle Applications customers can leverage the Oracle next-generation, future-proof technology today to increase the value from the current Applications Unlimited releases. Oracle itself is using the very same technology to build their future applications.

    This tool developed in collaboration between the PDC and Nadia Bendjedou from Oracle can help you understand the use of this technology in your organization. 
    Enhancements: The IOUC set up a working party to look at the Oracle Enhancement Process and determined that as there is a different process for each product within Oracle and each user group there was little point trying to force a single process. However we will champion a single process for Fusion applications where there is no history.
    Oracle technology and
    IOUC Beta Testing Program
    The Beta Testing Program is a joint initiative of the IOUC Product Development Committee and Oracle USA. This initiative provides a structured approach to include members of Oracle User Groups in the Server Technology Beta Programs. The overall goal is to allow selected user group members to do in depth testing and analysis of Oracle's new products and releases in order to help Oracle deliver better products to  market. As a beta testing participant, you will perform in-depth testing of the next generation of Oracle products. This will help you to build your personal knowledge base, become an industry recognized technology leader, and help influence Oracle's future product direction.

    The Server Technologies Beta Program office offers beta test programs for all Oracle Technology products, including; Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Enterprise Search.

    Click here to view more information on this initiative and to register as a potential tester.

    EBusiness Suite R12 Managed
    Release Program:

    During the run up to the R12 release we worked with Development to make some demos and information available as videos for download to users who were able to sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

    Now that R12 is in general use these videos are still available and may be of use to people considering R12 / R12.1. You can see more details on the program here

    Nominations for CABs
    (Customer Advisor Boards):
    Oracle Development has agreed to a User Group Nominated member on each of their CABs.
    We are not currently looking for nominations but follow the link to see who we have placed on CABs
    CAB Nomination Information Page

    Charter: IOUC Product Development Committee

    I. Objectives of the IOUC Product Development Committee

    Under the auspices of the IOUC, the PDC represents Oracle customers to the Oracle Executives and the Oracle Product Development Team by:

    • a) Reviewing and responding to proposals and initiatives from Oracle related to the Fusion initiative
    • b) Informing user groups members with regards to Fusion timeline and objectives
    • c) Polling members on issues relating to Product Development including Fusion
    • d) Reviewing and responding to proposals and initiatives from Oracle related to current products and their enhancements/developments (including e-Business Suite, Enterprise, Enterprise One, and World)
    • e) Informing user groups members with regards to current product development/release schedules
    • f) Presenting sessions at the IOUC Meetings
    • g) Publishing results on each of the IOUC Website
    • h) Distributing the results electronically to all affiliated User Groups and Councils

    II. Activities and Goals

    • a) A single IOUC Channel into Oracle Development
    • b) To influence Oracle by user feedback
    • c) Responsible for raising ongoing Development issues with Oracle
    • d) Current focus is on Fusion
    • e) Collate information from member organisations, however the PDC does not dictate how the organisations work within themselves
    • f) Funnels information from Oracle to these member organisations
    • g) Collaborate together to encourage and support each other

    III. Organisation

    The Product Development Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and at least 1 member from each recognised IOUC umbrella user group. The Chairman shall be elected by the IOUC, and the other members will be appointed by the President/Chair of each umbrella organisation. The Chairperson will ensure that each group is equally represented

    IV. Council Member Responsibilities

    • a) Represent current customer base on Product Development issues
    • b) Poll peers from member user groups to solicit additional input as needed
    • c) Identify potential problems experienced by customers and suggest ways to solve
    • d) Publish information to member User Groups on Product Development issues
    • e) Disseminate information provided by Oracle to member User Groups
    • f) Provide feedback to Oracle on the results of PDC initiatives
    • g) Respect the confidentiality of the information shared by Oracle with the Council, and ensure that confidential information is not disseminated outside of the Committee.

    V. Oracle Responsibilities

    • a) Assign primary contacts from Oracle Development
    • b) Explain services and information currently available
    • c) Participate in discussions on how to improve the information available to User Groups
    • d) Review development plans and initiatives with the PDC
    • e) Develop programs to address concerns of User Groups on Product Development issues

    VI. Frequency and Duration of Meetings

    • a) Monthly teleconference calls
    • b) On site at Oracle headquarters, and/or
    • c) On site at User Group Conferences

    VII. Customer Member Profile

    • a) An IOUC member User Group


    Product Development Committee Files

    Product Development Committee Page HTML
    Product Development Committee Page HTML
    Fusion Channel Page
    Fusion Channel Page
    Oracle technology and IOUC Beta Testing Program Overview
    NO LONGER USED Debra Lilley Dec08
    Oracle Confidential Disclosure Agreement
    Oracle CDA for use by EBS R12 Managed Release Program pre-release demo participants.
    EBS R12 MRP Program Overview
    Overview of the User Group/SIG Assessments component of the EBS R12 Managed Release Program (MRP)
    BPA Meeting Executive Summary
    Notes on session from Mark Federle - QUEST
    OpenWorld Presentation - Fusion Channel Update
    OpenWorld Presentation - Fusion Channel Update
    OpenWorld Presentation - Fusion Applications Communications Profiles
    OpenWorld Presentation - Fusion Applications Communications Profiles
    OpenWorld Presentation - Oracle Fusion Business Process Models
    OpenWorld Presentation - Oracle Fusion Business Process Models
    Current CAB List
    Current CAB List
    SQR Script Update
    Markus Zirn Collaborate07
    permission given from OAUG to publish
    George Trujilio Fusion Newsletter
    UKOUG Oracle Scene Fusion Article
    Recent Fusion Article from Debra Lilley UKOUG and Chair of the Product Development Committee
    Oracle Excellence Awards 2007

    Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware by Application Users

    Collaborate 08 Fusion Sessions
    Beta Testing datasheet
    Oracle Applications Planning Tool

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