About the APOUC


    Asia Pacific Oracle UserGroup Community (APOUC)

    About the APOUC

    The Asia Pacific Oracle UserGroup Community is an independent body of user groups representatives promoting the interests of affiliated Oracle user groups within the Asia Pacific region. The APOUC:

    1. Provides regional representation to the IOUC (International Oracle Users Group Community).
    2. Provides an organised community to help groups identify each other and to help combine opinions, experiences and activities.
    3. Supports effective communication between regional user groups and into relevant points within Oracle.

    Community Structure

    • The APOUC is a voluntary group.
    • The APOUC consists of one designee and one alternate designee from each of the participating user groups. Depending on agenda or topics, additional representatives may be invited to meetings on an as needed basis.
    • A designated representative from Oracle and specialist representative, as required.
    • APOUC members must be elected and/or appointed members of their respective user groups.
    • Each user group is entitled to one vote on all matters submitted to a vote, with a two thirds majority rule of the quorum present.

    Indicative Responsibilities

    APOUC members:

    • Are required to attend regular conference calls with other members.
    • Are required to attend two physical APOUC meetings a year - within the Asia Pacific region.
    • May be invited to attend meetings at Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. The meetings generally last two days and include meetings with Oracle executive management.
    • Are asked to share appropriate information regarding APOUC activities and initiatives with their user group members.
    • Participate as appropriate in Oracle and user group conferences.
    • Incorporate the views and perspectives of affiliated user groups within the APOUC.
    • Participate in an open, transparent, respectful and professional manner.
    • Respect the confidentiality of the information shared within community.


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